Fitness Workout Examples

There is a wide variety of ways to develop strength, flexility, rapidity, endurance.  This page provides selected examples of exercices to be considered. Best is to get a program developed by a professional who is particularly aware of what kids can do according to their age and development.

For competitive Opti racers, who typically will have a max weight of 110 lbs, the use of weights is typically not appropriate. So the use of the sailor's own body weight and of a light medicine ball should be preferred.  It's also important not to over do it, and 2 or 3 sessions per week will typically be sufficient.

Endurance is best achieved with sports such as biking, cross country skiing, running, rowing, swimming etc. Again, best is to consult a youth fitness professional to develop a specific program. Here are a few references.

Nate Bower Workout for Young Athletes

Another Nate Bower Workout for Young Athletes

Sailing Conditionning 101 - for older sailors, yet relevant for the Opti sailor (no weights being used)

Sailing Conditioning 101 by Taylor Colvin - US Sailing Level 3 Race Coach, Collegiate Coach and NSCA Certified Personal Trainer  (several videos within the page)

Sailing fitness warm up


Note: initially published in Sept 2017

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