Confusion with the Laser / ILCA Plaques?

With the unresolved trademark issues associated with the Laser, there is confusion with the plaques affixed in the cockpit of the boats.

The latest model that came to our attention is from the "Club Edition" Lasers sold by LaserPerformance, at a substantial discount in the UK.

The sticker on the left reads "International Class Sailboat" with the Laser name and logo. The right sticker reads 300,254: is it a sail number associated with this non-class boat? Note that this Laser is not recognized by the International Laser Class Association (ILCA), and it therefore is not bearing a World Sailing plaque.

This second picture is the interior of an Australian "ILCA Dinghy." There is no mention of the Laser name. There is a World Sailing plaque with the ILCA mention. ILCA stands for International Laser Class Association. The boat is considered class-legal by the Laser class, as it bears a World Sailing plaque, yet is seen as illegal by LaserPerformance. To be noted is that, currently, World Sailing formally recognizes the Laser, but not the ILCA Dinghy.

Once upon a time, and it is not such a long time ago, there was a plaque, by ISAF, the International Sailing Federation, the previous name of World Sailing, with the name Laser on it. 


And by the way, what is this "International Class" that is alluded to by LaserPerformance on these Laser Class-illegal Lasers it sells? ...

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