Key Laser 4.7 Regattas in 2020 in North America

During our webinar with coach Agustin Ferrario, about «All You Need to Know about the Laser 4.7 » we looked at the key events to take place this upcoming year in North America.

Contrary to Europe, where there is a well-developed and well-attended Europa Cup circuit, as well as a major European championship (with over 400 participants!) it’s more difficult to plan in North America. While the Laser 4.7 is definitively growing in Canada and the U.S., its development is still limited.

Below is a list of events for 2020 (and late 2019) that we identified as most likely to attract significant fleets in the Laser 4.7. It is followed by another list of events that may also attract good fleets, but with less certainty.

If you are seeking to participate in the World Championships, you will also need to compose with the selection system, which takes the form, for USA and CAN sailors, of a "Grand Prix." You can find the regulations at this link. See also our article about it here.

On the practical side, it’s always hard to find out if it’s worth attending an event. It can indeed be very disappointing to travel to a regatta and find out there is just a very small number of sailors in the 4.7.

The suggestion here is to join our Facebook Discussion Group about the Laser 4.7 so, whether you are a coach, a sailing director, a sailor, a parent, you can interact with others to find out if there is a good chance of a good fleet in the 4.7, to help you make the decision to attend or not.

If you haven’t done so yet, you are recommended to watch our Webinar as well as to read the comprehensive article « 20 Reasons to Choose the Laser 4.7. »

Please note these are indicative dates and events, and things may change. Yet this may help for planning the 2020 season!

When we talk about significant events, we mean fleets of at least 20 boats, possibly over 30 boats, like it will be for example the case at the upcoming Orange Bowl Youth Regatta in Miami.

Events where significant fleets are expected:
  • Orange Bowl Youth Regatta (2019) in Miami (CRYC) (December 26-30)
  • Atlantic Coast Championships, RNSYS, Nova Scotia - June 6-7
  • Bay Wind Regatta - Sail East- St Margarets Bay, NS - July 16-19
  • CORK, Kingston, ON: August 10-14
  • Canadian Youth Champs: St Lawrence YC - Montreal, QC, August 27-30
  • Fall CORK, Kingston, ON: September 19-20
  • District 13 Championships, Florida (November?)
  • Orange Bowl Youth Regatta in Miami (CRYC) (December 26-30)
Other events to consider: 
(attendance level more uncertain)
  • Laser Mid-Winters - Clearwater Florida - Feb 20-23
  • Miami Week (Coconut Grove): March 14-15
  • North American Championship - San Francisco - July 15-19
  • Great Lakes Championships - Rochester, NY - Sept 12-13
As for the 2020 international events, the two major ones are the Europeans to take place in Villamoura, Portugal in April, and the Worlds to take place in Garda, Italy, in July.

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