New Composite Boom for the Laser & ILCA Boats!

The secret was kept for a long time, but is now revealed.  After years of testing, the new Laser boom is finally here!

It was time. The boat already benefits from a composite top mast section. And recently, a bottom mast section for the Radial was added.

For certain, the boat became increasingly odd, mixing the original aluminum boom with these composite add-ons.

The intensive exacting research conducted on the new composite boom will ensure that it will have exactly the same performances as the existing aluminum boom. No more bend, no less bend. Exactly the same.

The new composite boom has exactly the same dimensions and diameter as the old aluminum boom. A weight compensation feature has been included so that both old and new have identical weights, something omitted with previous add-ons.

The new composite boom is of course equipped with the latest carbon cleat and fittings, scientifically developed to the necessary exacting standards.

What’s the key rationale to move to the new boom? The composite booms are anticipated to suffer much less breakage, and therefore provide a much longer life to the boom.

The product’s life expectancy may be over 100 years, according to the first estimates.

For sure, the existing booms are not known to break regularly. Yet this new boom will break even less, and that’s obviously very important.

Other benefits of the boom include a much improved look, which will make the boat much more in tune with our times.

The developers of the new composite boom, to maximize markets, intend to get it approved by both the ILCA and Laser classes. At least this is something they can agree on, hope the boom promoters.

Yes, the new composite boom will work on both boats, and is anticipated to be in high demands by young youth sailors and aging master sailors alike.

It’s not the intention here to play with words about this critical matter, but yes, the most important market for the new boom is anticipated to be the baby boomers.

Very soon, it’s anticipated that thousands and thousands composite booms will be sold. The aluminum boom, that dates now 50 years, will soon be something of the past.

The boom promoters are already lobbying World Sailing and the Olympic authorities to have the boom as official equipment for both the 2021 and 2024 Olympics.

They argue that, with such a more modern look, the boom may improve TV ratings, or at least not harm them.

The composite boom will provide a much needed defense against the proponents of the RS Aero, who have been reported to brag about their own composite boom, dismissing the Laser one as a relic of the past.

With its much improved characteristics, the new boom is already called by some the super boom - a very appropriate name for this unprecedented innovation.

And the price is just right. It’s just a little lower than that of the new composite Radial bottom mast sections, at only AUS$1374.99.

Very soon, the super boom is anticipated to become the most popular add-on to the boat.

In addition, the new boom promoters are already lobbying the two classes and World Sailing for a quick transition. It’s not impossible that only the new boom will be class-legal and accepted at regattas within 2 years.

We will provide updates once we have pictures of the boom actually used on the water. For now, we received this picture from the production line of the unnamed factory that is already ramping up supply.

April 1 2020.

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