An Explanation to the Fast Aussie Lasers?

LaserPerformance has posted today this communiqué, alleging that not only did ILCA tolerate infringements to the Laser Construction Manual by Performance Sailcraft Australia, but also agreed for some infringement to become part of the new construction methods by the 3 builders. The mast rake was also allegedly adjusted to the sailor's demands! According to LaserPerformance, this made "all previous Lasers technically obsolete" and "no notification of the breach in protocol was reported to ISAF/WS or the Laser community at large."

This clearly provides a taste of what is to come in the expected legal / trademark battle between ILCA and LaserPerformance, the world’s dominant Laser builder, recently decertified by ILCA.

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ILCA Turns Blind Eye While PSA Builds Illegal Laser Boats


9 April 2019

In 2014 LaserPerformance received complaints that PSA-built Laser boats sold to sailors and used at the 2014 Santander ISAF Sailing World Championships were built differently than the Laser Construction Manual (LCM) and thus sailed faster. LaserPerformance acquired PSA Laser boats, measured and weighed them and cut them open for inspection. The examination by LP revealed that PSA was knowingly building boats that did not conform to the Laser Construction Manual. This was reported to ILCA which sent their Technical Officer to inspect PSA boats.

In a written report to ILCA, LaserPerformance found:

A PSA hull is lighter and can be purchased below minimum weight by specifying the weight/lowest weight possible they are seeking at the time of order. Weights of 56.2Kgs were reported by the sailors.

B PSA advertised that hull mast rakes can be pre-ordered to sailor’s preference, with much more rake than LCM target.

C PSA hull is stiffer in front section.

D Upper mast is much heavier and stiffer that LPE supplied upper mast.

ILCA’s Technical and Measurement Committee reviewed LaserPerformance findings and reported the following:

“The meeting reviewed CH spread sheet on LCM option differences adopted by the 3 builders, the results from sample plaques received from the builders and an LP teardown report comparing a PSA to an LP boat.

The major differences in construction were agreed as a. An extra layer of CSM in the bow area of the PSA boats, b. The use of foam blocks that are glued in with expanding foam on PSA boats (alternate to Cubitainers), c. Use of Plywood ilo grommets to fasten the grab rails. d. Some oversize CSM patches on PSA boats. “

ILCA did not admonish or decertify PSA for breaking the LCM Agreement. Instead, ILCA agreed that the other builders follow the PSA laminate schedule, thus making all previous Lasers technically obsolete. No notification of the breach in protocol was reported to ISAF/WS or the Laser community at large.

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